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Who Has Most Facebook Likes? Here's the 500 Pages with Most Fans

Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira and Vin Diesel are the Facebook Celebrities with most likes, as of June 16 2015. More than Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber, in case you wonder.  Although Michael Jackson is tops among dead celebs.  How about the most liked movie pages on Facebook? Harry Potter, Fast and the Furious and Titanic, naturally. 

In this Silk we've collected data from FanPageList on the 500 most liked Facebook pages. You can dig into the data to learn more about the pages, build comparisons, and analyze patterns.  

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Movies Most Liked on Facebook

Harry Potter is the most liked movie

Among individual movies, the one with most likes is Harry Potter #6. With almost 72 M fans, it's the 18th most liked page of all, surpassing even Titanic.

Facebook users apparently really likes Facebook services

Of all categories, all the top 3 spots are taken by Facebook-related services. Maybe a conflict of interests? Nevertheless, the page "Facebook for Every Phone" has more than half a billion fans. Or roughly 7% of the estimated current world population.

The first three pages are Facebook for Every Phone, Facebook Sales Germany and Facebook. Put together, they have 10% of all the votes received by all the top 500 most liked pages!

Facebook Fans of the 500 Most Liked Pages

Among the 500 most liked pages, 197 are Celebrities and 155 Brands. But there is also a Government Agency (NASA). There are only two books (against 52 movies). Both of them belong to the Twilight Saga.

Number of Most Liked Facebook Pages per Category

Sports is the third most common category for Facebook celebrities. There are 60 sports-related pages among the 500 most liked. Almost 40% of them belong to the world of soccer. Fighting and Basketball are the second most common fields.

Number of Most Liked Sports Facebook Pages per Type

Number of Most Liked TV-Shows Facebook Pages per Channel

Of the 46 TV shows that feature in this list, 20% belongs to FOX.

Most Liked Facebook Pages of FOX's TV Shows

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